Deficit under Trump



But but but but Trump isn’t moving us toward socialism at all! Or so says the doctrine of the one true faith.

Lets just face the bottom line: the objection to the budget under Obama was purely race-based.



As a general rule I don’t get involved in politics. It is still beyond me how he ever got elected and how any woman in their right mind can support him is even further beyond me.



I bet you’d feel differently about certain people if you saw what they had to say in defense of the repugnant slob Trump. I know I do.


Oops, my post was misinterpreted and I’ll edit it. I didn’t want the folks who rep my posts in the Sox threads to hold my political view against me and stop liking my posts there.


It is not my design, but the way the system is designed. There are no subforums, everything goes into a category instead, so you know what type of thread it is before clicking on it.

In your preferences page, you can mute specific categories so you don’t see them. I have not tested this feature though.

Alternatively, at the top of the threads, you can change which category you are currently viewing, effectively making them all subforums. You could change to Red Sox, and only see Red Sox threads, then change it to Patriots, etc…


Totally on me. I edited my post above.