Dante Scarnecchia has retired


this sucks… flashing to Googs or what ever the last replacements name was and how much he sucked

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Shit, this is not good, i mean I knew it had to happen sometime but I was hoping for one more tour with the full band.

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Dante scouted my Cousin Brent at O-line outta Syracuse. Spent time with Brent’s family and they ultimately took him as a URFA and he ended up on the practice squad.

My cousin loved but but said he is one hell of a tough coach, fair but tough.

Yeah, but let’s face it, O-Linemen are mostly a bunch of misfits and lunkheads. Not sure this approach would work on QBs or WRs.

smartest guys on the team? The Olinemen

You can be both smart and dense at the same time. In my time, I’ve seen some big brains inside of heads that were firmly wedged up asses.

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richie Incognito is an Olineman, he aloneslowers the group water level to borderline imbecile.

I was acquainted with his Mom in Arizona. I’ve never met him, but I never got the impression he was unintelligent … just bi-polar, and unable to handle his liquor. Those two tend to walk hand in hand.

yes they do, crazy shit happens

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