C's and Raptors Game 7 9/11/2020

Let’s get it on.

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Goodnight, johnlocke and anyone else who happens to stop by.

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Night Joolz

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Cs have gone cold. 39-33 bad guys.

Scary close game right now.

7 point game wit 7 to go in the 3rd.

What a freaking play by Marcus. And 1.

72-71 Cs heading into the 4th. 11 lead changes.

What a game.

Fuck!!! Jalen is down. Looks like a groin.

Back on the floor thank god.

This young cat Robert Williams i called from the day they drafted him. He’s a good one

Smart with the Cs 11th steal and Kembra with the And 1.

Holy shit. 2 point game with 1:20 to go.

Smart with the massive defensive play.

Wow. Congrats Celtics. What a game. Unreal

Couldn’t even comment in the game thread. I was glued to the game hahaha

Celtics and Heat will be fantastic