C's and Nets 8/5/2020

Being 10 o’clock I’m guessing the game is just about over but I’m gonna watch it recorded So I think this will be a lonely thread tonight.

Shhhh!! No telling JL the score. :rofl:

I haven’t seen Kyrie. Is the little whineass still not playing against the C’s. The team he almost left in shambles?

These massive screens with virtual fans is pretty damn weird. What can you say, it’s 2020, the year of weirdness.

50-33. C’s dominating in the 2nd.

A week and a half out and I’m still a bit deaf from going out shooting “big guns” that my dumbass didn’t realize we had ear protection for.

I can hear Scal is on the local broadcast, don’t know who the other is. It’s not MIke.

We have some really exciting young players all the way down to the rookies.

Trader Danny is the draft guru.

72-51 at the half.

There have been a lot of high scoring games lately. Teams aren’t playing much D and the C’s are great defensive team.

Wonder if this is because of the low ratings so far and they are trying to generate more offensive excitement like in the All-Star Game.

Just ruminating.