Colts @ Texans Game Thread

Hey hey! Why is there no colts category. NFL GENERAL. Pffff.

Anyway go Colts!!!

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I’m watching and really into this game but I may fall asleep. Smoking a little and gonna lay down to watch. Been a long few days.

Go Colts!!!

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Me too John. It’s hard for me to stay awake late now lol. My kid has ruined me hahaha.

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3 and 13 and they convert. My god.

3-0 Texans

Come on colts!

Colts killing them selves 4 penalties already.

Nvm. Brutal call. Refs are garbage what else is new

Picked!!!. Colts ball

Touchdown ! On that note I’m logging off. Going to watch the rest in bed with Leah. I shall not be wearing pants folks.

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Fairbairn … Ya Lucky Bastid. :rofl:

17-13 Colts.

Nice TD catch by DeAndre Hopkins.

20-17 Texans.

McKinney with an H2H hit on the receiver, and he’s the one who went down.

TY not making catches he normally does.

I mean, neither of them were gimmies, but, he’s TY Hilton.

They just showed an ad for that “NFL 100” show … BB laughing with Jim Brown.

I think people are going to be blown away by BB’s performance on these shows.


Oh well … Jacoby and the Colts come up short.

Ya brutal game. Refs were atrocious too. Oh well.

Thoughts on the Colts season.

We know they can run the ball well (3rd in the entire league) however it isn’t amounting to jack squat other than a good victory over the Chiefs. It’s boring predicatble football. I don’t even enjoy watching this team. If it amounted to wins then ok I get it (even then it’s like watching the New Jersey Devils trap game be successful but boring as hell) but I still get it because it amounts to wins. However they have now lost 3 of their last 4 games. One being against the Dolphins, the other against an average Texans squad with a banged up defense who rank nearly dead last in the league. How did we only put up 17 points??? LET JACOBY AIR THE FRIGGIN BALL OUT!!! He did it a couple times last night and it worked well. I want to see what we have in him, other than 5 yard dump plays and passing the ball off.

At the end of the day I don’t think this team is going to make playoffs. They are producing good stats in running the ball but it’s way too predictable now and teams are beating us.We put up 15 points against Denver, 12 against the Dolphins, and now 17 against the Texans. This is some boring horrible football to watch. Change the game plan. 6-5… Soon to be out of the playoffs completely.

End rant :slight_smile:

The colts have been snakebit this year… Easily could have 8-9 wins. If Adam V kicked better, plus a few breaks like that non fumble call on Prescott… that didn’t go their way. I still think they have a legit chance at the playoffs if they start winning close games instead of losing them.


It’s a shame because the defense played very well yesterday outside of a couple long shots and they played good against the Dolphins. Won’t win many games putting up 12 points and 17 points. Really wish they would let Jacoby do his thing to see what he can do. I would say the running game is working but 6-5 proves otherwise.

My immediate reaction to that was “Colts got jobbed.”

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Ya refs not ever change. Nfl is frustrating.