Colts likely to land Rivers

Won’t lie, kind of excited. As long as he plays like he did in 2018. He’s so hot and cold though



:slight_smile: just saying.


So, Rivers goes to Indianapolis, Brady fills the spot that Rivers vacated in Los Angeles, and Brissett goes where? :thinking:

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Oh my god. I so remember the Circle Jerks. :slight_smile:


Lol what are the circle jerks?

And I’m not sure what happens to Jacoby… back to being backup?

An old punk band.

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Oh gotcha lol!

I thought that was Gridiron City?

OMG you remember Gridiron City. High freaking five.

Lol a what city?

It was an attempt at a football messageboard for fans of all teams. :slight_smile:

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Oooooooooh. That’s a shame it didn’t work

NHL has one. HF boards. I’m on there daily. Can get heated at times, but for the most part people are pretty cool.

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That’s me!!! I’ve posted over 2 thousand times wow

What’s the name of your NHL team again?

The Edmonttawa Greasy Senators???


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I like both teams! Started off as a Sens fan. But their games get blacked out a lot in our region and we get all the oilers games so been watching almost every oilers game for years so naturally started to like them too.

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Same reason I halfway follow the Sharks. While I was a broke-ass grad student who could not justify paying a cable bill, I was able to pick up San Jose games over the air with a pair of rabbit ears, and it was the only hockey I could watch.

When I lived in San Francisco, I had to climb up onto the (flat) roof with a portable TV to pick them up. That, some beer, a lawn chair, and a decent jacket. Good times.

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Hahahaha ya exactly!!! I could get centre ice now, but I don’t. I get mlb extra innings for the Sox and Sunday ticket for NFL. I like hockey but don’t care enough to get centre ice. I usually don’t catch every game either. Watching most of the oilers games and then a couple sens games a month is fine with me.

My spouse’s brother is a huge sharks fan. Hasn’t been a fun season for them :frowning: I started watching them a bit when Karlsson went there. His luck with injuries hasn’t been good last couple years

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I don’t believe in Jacoby at all. Hope he proves me wrong if he gets the chance to start this year.

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For the love of God Adam… I love you , but please. Retire.

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