Coaching vacancies

Let me know if I missed any. Confirmed so far…


Cowboys expected soon.

If Josh were to leave I would think Cleveland would a great fit.

I’m thinking a new OC will make Tom focus more on learning the system (EVEN IF ONLY SLIGHTLY DIFFERENT) and bring him back next year recharged, with renewed energy about the season.

but would Scar leave???

no meetings until after wildcard weekend so laser focus Josh!!

Jason Garret has been fired.

add Josh to the list in Dallas too!!!

The ability to have some say on who his QB will be going forward (the assumption here us that Cam is gone) might make the Panthers job attractive to JMD.

But man you have to believe Mayfield, OBJ, Landry, Njoku, Chubb and maybe Hunt would have any offensive minded HC drool.

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Of course the last time he was given free reign to pick his QB of the future he chose Tim Tebow.

So maybe Cleveland would be a better gig for him

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Gotta figure Josh might want the Panther job, if only for Christian McCaffrey.

I guess the same could be said about Cleveland and Mayfield, though. :thinking:

The Panthers also have DJ Moore and Curtis Samuel (and Chris Hogan!) at WR and Greg Olson at TE (if he comes back) They have a young TE named Ian Thomas that everyone raves about as well.

OL is trash though.

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Weird. O’Shea called his best Offense all year, against the best Team the Dolphins beat all year, in the last game of the year.

They must have already had his pink slip signed before that game started.

Over the last 9 games an O’Shea led offense averaged 27.3 PPG, and he gets fired because it was with Fitz not Rosen!

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its on Gailey’s Wiki page already so it must be true

Gailey is part of the Todd Bowles Coaching tree!!!

Rivera to Washington makes sense.