Chargers moving on from Phillip Rivers

I will abide the Patriots going in a lot of directions this off season. But I will not under any circumstances root for Phillip Rivers.

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I think Brady is coming back unless Hoddie doesn’t want him but things are trending in TFB’s direction.

But what’s the issue with Rivers. I have always had a good amount respect for him as a competitor and QB, especially after playing that Championship game with a busted wheel when Ladanian sat on the sidelines pouting behind his helmet unwilling to get on the on the field for the most important game of his life.

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Come to the colts!

What’s wrong with Brisket?


too many burnt ends of the game?!!

He sucks. Over throws and under throws. Not a fan of him. Yes people will say he needs time to develop, but I just think he won’t ever be much more than a game manager.