Chance to hold all four titles at the same time


Red Sox and Patriots are already defending champions of their respective sports.

Bruins have a chance at Lord Stanley … if they can get by the Lightning.

Celtics have been disappointing so far this year, but they just beat the Pacers again, and need only one more win to clinch home court in the first round, at least.

How insufferable do you think I should be to Denver/Colorado fans if the Bs and Cs pull this thing off?


The sports world would flip if either of them won, nevermind both. could you imagine ESPN having to cover that!!

But for it to really hurt, the Sox need to rip of 12 of 15 and get themselves into the minds of these fraudulent unbiased sports talk show guys.

That would be awesome!!


So, is anyone inside of 495 talking this kind of trash, yet?


I am, I want this so bad


Oh well. Celtics forgot how to play basketball.

Bruins got through, though, and are now odds-on favorites to at least win the East, if not the whole thing.

I’m waiting for someone to post new odds after the Sharks eliminated the Avs tonight.


Have the local media outlets been overplaying the Bobby Orr vs. the Blues highlight from 1970?


Good luck tonight folks.