Celtics and Heat ECF Game 1 9/15/2020

Almost time to get rockin’.

21-3 to the good to open things up.

Marcus with 10 points in the first 7 min. 24-11

Knotted at 55. Good game.

Timelord to Smart for the 3. 65-61 C’s.

Timelord (Robert Williams) with 2 amazing blocks. Loved him from day one when people were poo pooing him.

And Tatum from deep. He’s an assassin

77-69 C’s.

13-2 run by the C’s to end the 3rd.

Jimmy Butler with the 3 for Miami. 3 point game.

Tatum answers with a 2 back up by 5 2 minutes left.

Kemba with the shot.

Miami back with the 3.

2 point game.

Holy shit. 1 minute left.

Butler with the 3 to take a 1 point lead.

22 secs left.


Kemba with the damn dagger. 23 secs left. C’s up by 1.

Butler and 1. Jesus.

Gosh, these games are nail-biting stressful.


Tatum misses the 3 at the end.

What a heartbreaker.

Amazing freaking game.

C’s in 7.


I didn’t see the game but wow looked like a good one!