Is that your cat?


That’s a good looking cat!

I actually have two but lets just say its a good thing the other one has a great personality.

That looks like a very mild version of the infamous Torti Stink-eye.

I have one as well, and she is batshit crazy.

cute cat, I wish I could like them

but I am a dog person. I have tried.

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Yup. This one two. Will beg to get petted and then act like WTF dont touch me peasant.

Cat person here. Not a dog fan. Sorry dog lovers.

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Dogs are cool too. We just dont have the room for a dog.

My wife wasn’t a cat person but she loves these two cats now.

Yeah, mine has a very white belly, and not much white anywhere else. She loves to show it. But woe to you if you touch it.

Meanwhile I have a big fat dumb orange tabby that would probably let me pet his eyeballs if I was so inclined.

that is why I have cat issues, they invite you in, you pet them as they want then 4 sets of claws finds your arm because they have a hormonal mood swing or something.

and cats always climb on me, its as if they can sense I am not a cat person.

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They climb on you because they love you.

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That explains it, they climb on me because they love that I am a scratching post!!

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Love hurts

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I’ve known a few cool cats from time to time, but they make me sneeze. :sneezing_face: