Cape Cod Baseball League

I have a lot of good memories of the Cape League, going back to when I was a teenager. I had two uncles who lived in Chatham, and we generally visited one or both of them for a long weekend a couple times each summer. Invariably, we would end up at the park on at least one of those weekend nights, watching the Chatham team play if they were at home.

Later, when I was in my twenties and serving in the Mass. Air Guard, we would often have our two week summer training at Otis AFB (now Otis ANGB). If I had an off-duty night and Falmouth was playing a home game, I would go see that game.

I just noticed that the Chatham Anglers have a Roku Channel. I hope to catch at least a few games live (via that channel) this summer.

Anyone else a fan of that league?

hell yeah and I know a fellow who is in with the Bourne Braves.

The added plus is my friends son, from a different internet site, is a part time ball boy so those are the games I try to attend. I love watching him interact with the players and how they take the ball boys under their wing. All the player were cool but specifically I remember Conner Wong, catcher in the Dodgers organization, was amazing with their son. it is awesome to watch.

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I saw that same sort of thing when I lived in Arizona, both in Spring Training and Arizona Fall League games. The ballplayers’ demeanor, even those of multi-year Major League veterans, seem so much more relaxed in that environment. I mean, I know the games don’t really count, but each player’s individual performance really does, especially if the player in question is not a lock to make an MLB Roster (like in the AZ League).

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I didn’t know this many current Red Sox had played down there. Sale, JBJ, Moreland, Workman, Barnes, and from last year, Joe Kelly.

List of CCBL alumni who played in MLB in 2018 (pdf)

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it is free, or a donation, and the baseball is great. I was with the King of Kings, Roger, at a Bourne game and a very high foul pop came between us. Obviously I reached out and it bounced off my hand and rolled away. The old women around me were worried I hurt my hand while the GM of the Braves, or whatever he is mocked me for dropping the ball. It opened up a conversation with people around us.

This year I may have to do teh dancing homer routine at a game…

I’ve never been to Cape Cod in any capacity. But I do like woodbat baseball. Been to a couple Coastal Plains league games, and followed my son around for three summers while he played wood bat HS summer ball.

Odd that the team I care about most in that league (Chatham) has decided to put a free channel on Roku.

Tonight’s Red Sox game is a laugher, so I’ve switched to watching that Chatham game … and they are kicking ass.

I live like 20 min from the Lexington Blowfish in the Coastal Plains League, which is a college wood bat summer league similar to the Cape Cod league. Although I think the talent level in the CCL is better than the CPL.

I also live 15 min from the Columbia Fireflies stadium, and just over an hour from the Greenville Drives stadium.

Every year I say this summer I’m going to watch some games, but every year I don’t. Last summer was the first summer in a really long time that we weren’t packing up with my son and driving multiple hours for a baseball tournament somewhere just about every weekend.

Last summer it just felt good to not have to do that.

This summer I’m going to some games. I swear.

I didn’t even know that the Futures Collegiate Baseball League existed until my brother told me about it. It’s also a wood bat league.

Because half the players on each team have to either have come from New England, or have to be going to college in New England, I’m going to guess that they don’t draw the talent level of the CCBL. On the flip side, if you don’t live on the Cape, this league sounds like a decent alternative that allows you to not have to cross either the Bourne or the Saginaw Bridge.

Cape League Finals start Thursday, 8/8. The best of three series pits Cotuit against Harwich.