Canadian Football

Subtitled: The thread where I make fun of something I don’t understand

Canadian Football is really weird. So far I have seen penalties for:

  • No yards

  • Illegal motion, eh?

  • Too many moose on the field

  • Being a “hozer”

  • Not enough moose on the field

  • Inciting a kerfuffle

  • Icing


Lol I like the NFL way more than CFL but there is absolutely no doubt that they let the guys play way more in CFL. There is no “favouritism” like NFL hitting a manning or rodgers or Brady. In fact they let too much stuff go at times. Also I like the 3 downs way more than 4 downs. Not near as much running the ball, more exciting at times. But 9 teams is just too hard to get behind. If you watch the game coming up. Saskatchewan (my home town and team) is playing BC. We should steam roll them.

Two and out sounds less impressive than three and out.