Budget Deficit Surpasses $1 TRILLION

“Fiscal responsibility” :rofl:

No matter what side or no side that your on for gods sake stop spending money you don’t have on immoral and unjust programs that have no business in the purview of a legit government.

I’m sure there’s a great article that someone else wrote on the topic.

I thought you may be capable of having a rational discussion. Apparently not.

I’m out.

All I DO want is a rational discussion.

There are two things that I do NOT want:

  1. A unanimously agreeing circlejerk where any differing opinion is immediately cast aside and the “offending” person banished.

  2. The posting of articles written by others, claimed to be their own.

Stay away from those two and we’re golden.

That said, I do not believe that you’re interested in any such thing. Which is fine. But it’s not an indictment on me that I am. So I’ll (probably) continue to be the only one in the Politics section attempting to provide content that would drive people to discuss. You’re free to participate or not, but acting like it’s somehow unreasonable for me to want to potentially have an exchange of ideas that might not be in 100% agreement at all times is a you-problem.

Good. Keep the circle jerk going all by yourself.

That’s precisely what I’m looking to avoid, actually.

You clearly want unanimous opinion and no disagreement. That’s fine, you know where you can find that. Coming over here though to whine about the fact that on another website, someone dare post anything besides blind Trump following seems kinda silly.

No Brody, he tried to engage in the discussion that you opened this thread for, and your immediate response was not about the topic here, but attacking him for something old and unrelated. Don’t you see the difference and why people wouldn’t want to engage that way?

If you want reasonable discourse, stick to the topic.

If the above is a good example of how you ‘debate,’ you will be alone in it.

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No, it wasn’t. It was the sort of double entendre/innuendo faux Trump “criticism” that passes for “discussion” over on that other place. That you were supposedly attempting to improve upon over here.

And I’m sorry, if that’s an “attack” then this place is going to end up exactly like said other place where it’s certain people getting coddled/protected while having their actual rules violation ignored and sanctioning anyone that dares mention it.

Any board should allow for a slight jab like the one I made without the mod rushing in to change the “attacked”s diaper.

Good grief.

You have not shown very much willingness to actually debate any issues. It all seems personal.

It’s a very simple requirement. Debate the issue. It is what communication and discourse is all about. I am not taking any sides, nor coddling anyone. JUST TALK ABOUT THE POLITICAL ISSUE. It is really very simple.

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