Broncos@Patriots Thread 10/18/2020

Cam will likely be the QB and Gilmore should be back.

Works for me cuz I would rather the team be somewhat complete .

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Pats are giving 9.5, so I’m thinking both of those guys are back this week. I’m looking forward to an epic beatdown.

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Gonna rewatch the highlight package for this game. Was playing golf in RI Sunday afternoon with game on the phone… what the hell happened… idfk…

2 Days of practice in 2 weeks doesn’t help. I think they will be fine.

Not many highlights to watch from that game.

Moving on to next week … hoping for better prepared game plan and team readiness. Also offensive line needs to get better. Along with Newton getting more comfortable so he can see the field and get the ball out quicker. IMO… :sunglasses:

Also defense needs to get after Jimmy G big-time . Lots of pressure and pics to help the offense.