Brett Gardner


Oh, the Yankees have lost 5 of the their last 6 games.

I have this massive irrational hatred of Brett Gardner that just throbs in my brain every time I see him.

yeah he looks like a douche

Some folks on another board refer to him as “penis head” :rofl: Yeah, I totally see that.

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The hatred is real. I can’t stand him.

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Here he is again along with a few of his other d-bag pals. Gawd, I hate this team.

There used to be guys on that team that you despised (because of the laundry they wore to work) but respected (because they were just that damned good, and seemed like they were decent guys off the field). You know, guys like Jeter, Mariano, even going back to the days of Scott Brosius and Bernie Williams.

Does the current Spankee lineup have anyone like that? Aaron Judge, maybe? Or is he a douchecraft carrier, too?