Brandin Cooks traded to Houston

The Rams super bowl year seems so long ago already lmao. Poor buggers

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BOB getting brutalized this morning.

Why can’t we get players like that?

Has anyone come up with a valid reason for dumping Hopkins?

I think BOB lost his shit.

I truly think it was personality or BB would have pounced on the chance to get him somehow. The man is an amazing WR but if BOB bothers him can you imagine him taking the alleged shit Brady took and playing well?

I agree it seems personal between BOB and Hopkins. But I think the main reason the Patriots weren’t in on trading for him was money. Hopkins cap hit the next three years is 12.5 mil, 13.5 mil and 13.9 mil. And the guy on the radio this morning said there were rumblings Hopkins was going to hold out this year to try to force a new contract.

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