Boston Reportedly 'Likes' This Outfielder Tommy Pham

The article begins:

“J.D. Martinez might not be the offensively sound outfielder who could returnto the Red Sox this Major League Baseball offseason.”

I didn’t realize there was a chance J.D. would return :woman_shrugging:

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Looks like the Guardians are interested in J.D.

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I have nothing to base this on but my gut: I don’t think JD Drew is worth the investment any longer. He had a solid year in '23 but will turn 37 this year. Any attempt to bring him back I feel is a move to appease the Pink Hats.

And Tommy Pham stinks. He had a solid postseason with Arizona last year but he’s been a perennial under-achiever in the regular season. If you’re going to take a chance on an OF with a career .786 OPS, it shouldn’t be Tommy Pham because you know his ceiling. At least take a chance on a guy who hasn’t panned out but could have some potential upside. Worse case, you get a guy with a .786 OPS but can at least show us fans that you tried.