Boston Red Sox vs. Detroit Tigers, at Fenway Park, June 6, 2018 Matchups,...

Eh you would have figured it out.

I doubt it. I just now figured out ThepAlmetToState = South Carolina :woman_facepalming:

Had I noticed that immediately I would have known who you were.

When it gets bad I breakout geomikie mojo

Vaz ties it 1-1 with an RBI double in the 3rd.

Would like to see a Benny Bomb here.

Fan rushed the field. The young man was jacked up according to the face Moreland made as it happened.

That light show was cool.

Trouble brewing. Bases they be loaded for the Tiggers.

And we get out of it!

Vasquez goes Bridge… catchers starting to hit.

I kinda like this place.

Me too

Then we have the little league go to… E9 two bases

7-1 win. What is happening is we are seeing our future. Dealing Donbrowski is selling our once great minor league system and we are 4 years away from becoming the Tigers…

That is if the Sox let this outfield walk and doesn’t reinvest the panda/Hanley/AAA players (Ruscio or whatever it is) contracts