Boston Red Sox vs. Detroit Tigers, at Fenway Park, June 6, 2018 Matchups,...

Mr Mojo risin’

Clown mojo.

scary good!!

Wait, what?

Isn’t the game tonight?

We are invoking clown mojo in order to win again.


Does that work?

Its like I’m the only one who wants the Sox to win tonight.

It did last we are bound by Game Thread Law to use it again tonight.

SO when they lose, someone else should start the thread?

If so, I don’t if it is helpful to anyone else, but I’ve been using out of laziness.

That is the Law.

I was actually going for more of a Island of Dr Moreau type thing.

Ancilliary Sam Travis mojo

Tiger Anti-Mojo.

Good job with the lineups, joolz.


Thanks. Couldn’t have done it without you.