Black Panther

I have tried to watch this movie 3 times on the 4th I completed it somehow. Just wondering what makes this such a great movie to many.

I watched it all the way through to see the main character who just passed and his performance was the only thing I found good about this movie.

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I find the most interesting super hero movies have an interesting villain or are laughing at themselves (thus I am not a huge fan of The Dark Knight trilogy).

In the case of both Black Panther and Infinity wars you have villains with motivations that are more than “I’m an evil dude and I want to take over and do evil shit”.

Killmonger is BLM taken to an extreme, Thanos is an enviro-warrior taken to the extreme. The message is the extremes are where the evil lies, which I actually think is true in real life.


Thanks man, I really appreciate your breakdown. I just didn’t find the principles of the good guys to be all that great either. I just couldn’t get behind them. After you clarified the bad guys I see what my issue is now, and that’s it. :slight_smile: