Bennett Suspended

I’ve been told it’s because they have switched to a 3-4 and Bennett may not fit that scheme but who knows?

Wasn’t the 3 -4 the early dynasty defense? then league followed suit so the draft value was in 4-3 and league followed suit so value is once again in the 3-4

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Looks that way. 46 next. :slight_smile:

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I heard some speculation of a possible trade of Bennett to the Lions to bring Amendola back. Helps both teams.

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oh great - Jules and Danny back together stealing the ladies hearts

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The change to the 3-4 front is the reason for Bennett’s snap reduction. Under BB our D is relying on the LBs to get pressure from the 3-4. Bennett is a situational pass rusher now. John Simon, Winovich, Wise, KVN, Collins and Butler are all playing very well & that’s caused Bennett’s low snap totals.


Thanks for your input Chevss.

Nice to see you here.

One of the color commentators during an earlier game (Pitt? Jets? I forget) claimed that Bennett’s presence was helping the rest of the defense because he was drawing extra attention from opposing O-Lines.

You obviously can’t accomplish even that if you’re not on the field when the ball is snapped by your opponent. What has happened between then and now … or was the commentator on crack about Bennett’s value even then?

I think you’re missing the genius though. If the offense is stuck trying to look for a guy that isn’t on the field, the rest of the defense can sneak past those trying to find Bennett.

Bennett’s contribution is immeasurable.

Gronk money for 4 games and playoffs!!!

Gronk is