“Belichick & Saban: The Art of Coaching“


Saw something about this earlier today. it looks amazing.

Related somewhat, though this might be more fun. Didn’t want to flood with new threads though.

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DO your Job III in its entirety:

And America’s Game:

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The most successful coach in the Australian Football League in recent times has been Alistair Clarkson, aka “Clarko,” of my Hawthorn Hawks. From 2012 to 2015, he led his team to four straight Grand Final (Australian Super Bowl) appearances, winning the last three in a row. His team had a legitimate shot at a fourth, but in the 2016 Finals (Playoffs) one of his players missed a very makeable, potentially game-winning set shot after time expired.

The Hawks have since lost a lot of core veteran leadership on the field to retirement and free agency, so they have not been as successful lately. However, every other team in the AFL is watching how Clarkson is rebuilding that core, and bracing themselves for a second surge of championships in the near future (kind of like what the BB-TB Patriots are doing right now after the first surge from 2001-2004).

Clarkson’s manner with the AFL press is way different than BB’s with the NFL press, but leaving that out, there are a lot of similarities between their two approaches. Just take a look at some of Clarko’s bumpersticker sayings to see what I mean.

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