Beer-tossing Patriots fan charged with disorderly conduct

Tyreek Hill is getting his wish.

According to NBC 10 in Boston, Foxboro police have identified the man who threw beer on the Chiefs wide receiver, and have charged him with multiple counts.

They didn’t publicize the man’s name, but said he was a 21-year-old from Mansfield. He was issued a summons for disorderly conduct and throwing an object at a sporting event.

“It doesn’t happen often, you know, fortunately,” Foxboro Police Chief William Baker said. “A very small number of people misbehave at these sporting events, and we try to hold the people who do misbehave responsible for their conduct.”

The Patriots had already sent the fan — identified from video — a letter of disinvite from all future events at Gillette Stadium.

And perhaps worse than that, the fan has earned the scorn of a man who is doubtless one of his heroes.

“That’s just a little bit too crazy. I mean, us players out there competing, trying to be the best we can be out there,” Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski said. “It’s just a little bit too much, I would say.”

And when Gronkowski declares a party foul, you know the line has been crossed.

pizza tossing fan

That is one of the all-time classic Remy-Orsillo bits (right up there with the hair club for men evening). I still LMAO every time I see it.

Another classic Remy bit. :joy:

I really think the kid tossing the beer was a dink. Even if the girlfriend beater went up to them the finger I can see, tossing the beer was bush league fan crap, Pittsburgh level BS.

I would have called him a woman beater or told him to keep punching fetus asshat.

With all that said, the life time ban is BS, stop with the over reaction. Make the guy lose his tickets, make him lose those seats but do not block him from all events.

Think about it, IF he had a season ticket, and it was his Dad’s, and he lost it. What additional punishment is needed?