be the most predictionistic person here, guess Ainges next move!

I say he keeps the gang together but trades the Sacramento pick to move up in the draft.

You think there’s any way that Ainge works his magic and Kawaii Leonard ends up in Boston?

Holy shit are they really going to introduce the draftees before the actual draft.


Watching Draft. Can’t wait to see who Celtics get.

Porzingas in trade?

Tired of the negative reaction shots of fans when their team picks. Its like the guys who couldn’t sing a lick trying out for American Idol…just looking for screentime

How would you feel if the C’s drafted Greyson Allen?

Nevermind. Lol.

Robert Williams.

I guess this means Aron Baynes won’t be back. Thanks Aron. I’m not ashamed to say that i will always love you.

Or goodbye Monroe, keep Haynes another year to beat up on the rookie

And give Tommy Hienson someone to watch shower