I just became “Regular.” Must be my high fiber diet. :grin: Ooh, and I can access a private lounge area.


Speaking of Badges … TylerD has got to be New User of the Month, doesn’t he?


I would think so. Welcome TD.


Hey, does this mean I’m a Made Guy?


@Joolz One thing you can do as a Regular is re-title or re-categorize threads started by other members.

I just used it to move a bunch of older game threads from “Uncategorized” to “Red Sox.”

I don’t know if that only shows up in my view, or in everyone’s. Check some of the game threads recently started by @TylerD and tell me if they now show up to you as being in the Red Sox category.


They all show up in the Red Sox category now. Thanks! :+1:


I was feeling great today. Then I realized it was in April lol!



Odd … I thought the system was supposed to add a badge to my profile once I joined the 100/100 like club (given and received).

Not that it will ruin my day, but … software bug?


maybe it is in slow, lazy summer mood mode?