Hey Brody, since you said you can’t start threads I started one for ya. Post whatever want in here.

But first off I’m just curious where you stand. Do you just despise the President, are you a hardcore liberal, a moderate or whatever. How would you define yourself? What do you stand for other than hatred for this President?

Just saw that you are suspended til’ Feb 1st. I look forward to your answers when you get back.

Yes, the last time he posted, he completely disregarded my requests for behavior here. He knows what he has to do to be a contributing member, but it doesn’t seem he has any desire to.

I am getting a little tired of giving the repeated chances only to be spit on.


Yes, you get spit on.

You get spit on by the guy that puts your site at risk for plagiarism claims by copying someone else’s article and claiming it as his own.

You get spit on by the guy that demands that you overhaul the whole concept of the site because it’s not similar enough to another place on the internet that suffers from the same downfall.

You do NOT get spit on by the guy encouraging you to return this board to its original spirit and to have the courage of your convictions with your initial good idea.

I think it’s clear by now that banning me doesn’t spark discussion. The only politics threads here that get any action are the ones that I start because I don’t encourage unanimous agreement. This helicopter parent-like mentality might satisfy two posters here but it’s absolutely what will stop anyone from being interested in joining. Recruiting membership was a stated goal but these actions of banning anyone that doesn’t agree with the existing membership is a self-fulfilling prophecy that will literally never result in increased membership.

So yeah, here we are on the night of the Iowa caucuses to kick off election season and there’s nary a single thread discussing it. Hell, in the month plus I was gone I see one thread started that got one response. But hey, at least neither of those two had to cry over another member being mean to them. Congrats, I guess.

Two short points that you can’t seem to get through your head.

  1. This is a sports based discussion board. I don’t care if there is never another political post here ever. Start your own political site. I’d even help you if you want.

  2. You don’t get suspended for merely disagreeing and you know it. It’s been explained multiple times. You seem incapable of debating of an issue without personally attacking someone who disagrees with you. I’ve told you this multiple times, yet you ignore my requests. THAT is the spitting I am referring to. Completely ignoring my request on my site.

It’s very simple and I am not going to debate it any more.


It might be more accurate to say that you don’t care whether you never get another post on here period. This place is a ghost town and it’s not just the politics section.

It’s not me that should create another board with your help. It’s that when you inevitably to decide to create ANOTHER board that you avoid the same mistake that doomed you two boards already by letting one person tell you what to do.

There’s my “help” for you. Do that, and you’ll accomplish what you say you want to accomplish. Or if you’re happy admin’ing a board where someone can say “Fuck off you commie filth” and skate on it because the main mod is too much of a coward to do anything about it, then do that, I guess.

Hrmm, this is basically the nature of politics. While he’s a racist/misogynist tool himself, he’s right that political discussion is offensive by its very nature.

I wonder if this will be treated in the same manner despite being admin’ed by the same principal(s).

Be prepared to be offended

For all of you who enter here- it’s politics. Politics, especially in 21st century America, is ugly. It’s mean, it’s nasty, it doesn’t care.

You’re going to see some ugly, knock down-drag out arguments here. Things are going to get posted that may offend you. I have the ability to be one of the worst offenders that you’ll see. Understand this- I don’t care.

If you look at politics as Republicans vs. Democrats…you don’t belong here.

If you think the difference between a free market capitalist society and socialism is merely a difference of opinion…you don’t belong here.

If a conversation or post that isn’t directed at you upsets or offends you to the point that you feel the need to say something rather than ignore it…you don’t belong here.

Look, I’ll make this real simple- on the second header bar, all the way to the left is a function called “user cp”. Click on that, scroll down until you come to “edit ignore list”. Click on that and you will see a box pop up where you can type a name. In that box, type in “o.z.o.”…that puts me on your ignore list and you won’t have to worry about being offended by anything I post unless you decide to read it. Trust me, it works great. I’ve got a bunch of posters on this list.

He’s a friend and he is wrong on this stance. But what do you care about what goes on in a forum you are banned from and quite frankly for being an asshole?

OZO is an asshole you just suck him off because he’s a fellow Trumper.

How you not drown on your own drool? God you are one stupid plagiarist.

Man, I have been nothing but nice to you. Hell, I even started this thread so could go on bloviating and ranting since you couldn’t start any and this is the best you can come up with?

Can, I ask some personal questions? Like are you involved with anyone, do you work? Do you have any friends? And it you do, do you behave like this when are not behind a keyboard?

Yes to all the above.

I just don’t usually encounter people that send me articles that blatantly aren’t their own work while claiming credit for them and then turn around and tell me that I’m dumber than the resident retard for calling them out on it.

I guess you bring out a rare side of me.

I’ll ask you the same…do you, in real life, try to pass off others’ work as your own and get pissy when called on it?

Nope, you just proved my the point I was trying to make while given you some credit. You blew it. Yer just a putz that can’t seem to launch an intellectual argument, just personal attacks.

Is anything I post untrue? If you think it is then argue with the principles.

Dude, you have the potential to be a decent poster that can bring something to table yet you just time and time again shoot yourself in the ass.

I’ve been helping a homeless, drunk friend of mine for months and he never sees the errors of his ways either.

I think I’m just a sucker for hard cases.

Yes, when you post an article that you didn’t write and claim it as your own that is “untrue.”

You were dishonest about it at the time and you still can’t even own up to it now.

That’s what makes me doubt your tales of heroism of how you’re supposedly saving the world with the homeless right now.

More of the same. It doesn’t seem to matter what I request on my site. Just ignored. Ah well. Another suspension, another thread closed.

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