American Beauty stupid ending.

NFL is American Beauty. But this really good movie had to end with a closet gay military dork shooting a guy who made a move on a teen but stopped. … but the reason he killed him was to hide his gayness.

Then the dork gay writers decide to soften the outcome by having the dead guy narrate the end to the movie.

This thread is for the closet movie screen writers here to rewrite this dumb ending into something better…

Makes you wonder how many different endings were considered before they went with that one. Haha

What? You main idea isn’t supported or mentioned anywhere else in the post.

Yeah oh well… that’s the tie in… deal with it and do some real writing.

Lol. I would love write on the topic but there is nothing to address about the NFL in your post.

Ive never seen that movie so I don’t understand the reference. But I do have close family members who are gay, so I would tread lightly.

If I were to attempt to write anything, I would focus on topics I think I might understand.

I’m not gay or in the closet, nor do I have a teenage daughter, so I’d be way out of my depth. Besides, the ending of that movie seemed plausible enough to me. People often make horrible life choices based on a mixture of pent-up rage and bad information. How do you think people like Stalin and Hitler come to power?

I agree with @johnlocke … what does any of this have to do with the NFL?

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Haha… just trying to Branch out. It’s the off season. ! Just saw the movie again after many years . Its really good… It’s related to the NFL like the halftime show is related to the NFL. American sports are interrelated to our culture and in some cases angst and crimes that happen …

Here goes… (synopsis).

Spacey… " yeah I had a crazy day too."
Girl… " really . What happened? "
Spacey… “well… if you can believe it a grown man made a move to kiss me on the lips. "
Girl… " actually that just happened to me too.”

Laughs. . Spacey… “well I hope you weren’t as weirded out as I was.”
Girl … " no. I liked it but you’re my friend’s dad …"
Spacey… " yeah that’s why it was only a peck and we stopped there." I still think you’re beautiful but some fantasies are better kept away from reality. ."
Girl… “Agreed”. (smiles.)

(Peeping Tom Neighbor appears at the window watching them . His face is stressed trying to figure out what is going on but the girl is in her underwear… so it appears awkward at best. )
Neighbor continues watching as the wife walks thru the front door carrying her gun. Girl scrambles to put on her shorts.
Wifey… " what is going on here?"
Spacey… " hi honey . We’re having a talk about life. You have a gun in your hand dear. "
Wifey… " that’s right and I know how to use it." Watch this. " She raises the gun…
Spacey …" honey NOOO "
In an attempt to scare here husband she fires the gun in random direction towards the wall firing off 5 shots… which by chance pass through the window striking closet gay son beater peeping Tom in the head . He falls to the ground eyes open.
The narration that ends the movie discusses the perils of family relationships and how violence against kids sometimes has a kickback response that makes it twice as tragic… the end.

-coolade ending. Much better. Feel free to add lines or scene enhancements… haha…