Amazon Greenlights Season One of The Wheel of Time

If it leans towrds being more like GOT, then this could be amazing. If it leans towards being more like The Sword of Truth or the Shanara tv adaption, then meh.

Agreed, and I think it will be closer to GOT (though less adult), with budget by Amazon and Sony.

“The Seeker” was just plain awful.

Did you watch season 2 of Shanara? I never got around to it. Season 1 was OK, but it just felt a little too Hunger Games to me. Lots of gorgeous teenagers running around fighting and junk.

I wish someone would do Donaldson’s Chronicals of Thomas Covenant on tv, Covenant is such a fantastic anti-hero. It would have to be a dark show, but if done right would be fantastic.

She isnt as well known but CS Freidman wrote two trilogies that i love Coldfire and Magister that i loved and think would make for some dark tv as well.

I didn’t. Not sure I made it all the way through season 1. Was way too teen angst for me.

Wheel of Time though…that has long been my favorite fantasy series, and unlike Martin, is actually finished (at 14 books). Supposedly the Show Runner is a fan, so hopefully he does it justice.

Amazon also spent that absurd amount of money just for the rights to a LOTR series, so I have some hope that they are trying to do these things right to compete with Netflix.

You know I never finished WOT. It got very repetitive. I think I made it thru book 9 or 10.

It is worth finishing. 8-10 is widely regarded as the worst part of the series as the plot moves much more slowly, but several big things get set up during this time.

Noticeable change of pace in book 11 (The last book that Jordan wrote solely while still alive) as things get set up for the end.

Brandon Sanderson was brought in to finish the series using some completed parts from Jordan, Jordan’s copious notes, and audio recordings from Jordan while he was bedridden in his final days. Was originally meant to be one book but the sheer amount necessitated splitting to 3. Pace is quick and the last chapter (as written by Jordan) is satisfying.

Though if you do go back, I recommend starting over.

I just started Sandersons Way of Kings series. Maybe some day ill go back and reread WOT

I am near the end of one final (for now) re-read of WOT, and then I plan to start on Sandersons work. Probably with Elantris or Mistborn.

Also Tad Williams. The Memory, Sorrow and Thorn series, Otherland series and Shadowmarch series were all really well done. Bobby Dollar, not so much IMO. But i saw he was putting out a new series based on the Memory Sorrow and Thorn characters/world. I’ll read that at some point.

The guys who wrote the books The Expanse are based on have another series called The Daggar and the Coin that i liked a lot too.

And of course Malazan. Sheesh talk about dense reading.

Casting so far:

That is a very pretty cast.

Yes. The actor that played Roose Bolton in Game of Thrones will be just about the ultimate “good guy” as Tam Al’Thor in Wheel of time.

Manetheren sends its regards…

Season two was already greenlit and is filming.

Season one teaser trailer dropped today

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wow looks good!