All-Time Leading Wide Receivers By Team

Just think on this for a sec.

TFB has has accomplished more than any other QB in history with a bunch of cast offs, midgets and occasional great ones.

He is the GOAT, no debate about it.


to go off topic, something we never do in this place…

how the F is Stanley Morgan not in the Pro football hall of fame??!?!??!!?!?!!?!?!?


That one TD drop from Tony Eason in the Super Bowl?

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Did it cost them the game? F Welker

it wasn’t Jackie Smith level!!!


That’s my wide receiver!

Marvin is a bad seed my friend, a very bad seed!

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I don’t know that he’s any worse than me. I had a dream last night that I was sitting in a police station with my “Girl” friends waiting to be charged for attempted murder for bashing someone’s head in with a baseball bat. The girls weren’t happy with me but I was a proud cuz this fucker was messing with them hard when it went down.

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If you go to sleep with a buzz on, how come you are completely sober in those dreams? :beers::tropical_drink::thinking:

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Honestly, I don’t think I was sober in this dream as I thought I had a minor black out cuz I didn’t remember how I got to the dude’s house. And I had a vodka bottle in my hand. :rofl:

I mean I certainly wouldn’t wanna he friends with him but you know lmao liked him as a player.

I would do the same thing won’t lie hahahah. I have thought about bashing a few heads in every now and then.

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