ALDS Game Three in the Bronx. Sox against the Yankees

All I can say is I believe, I have the inner belief in my team. The Sox led by Cora find a way.

Worry not yee full of doubt, but have faith in the 108 win team to do what it did more than anyone else in MLB this year. Yes have Faith!!!

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Going to be here tonight, Thep? Date night? Birthday party? Inquiring minds want to know.

I’m at work. Ill try to peek in from time to time but I wont be here for the heavy lifting.

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Enough with the Judgefest already.


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Vasquez lucks in a run

Dever in, 1-0

Vaz! Infield hit RBI and Sox strike first. 1-0 Sox.

Nice to see a call overturned. Great challenge by Cora!!!

I just wish he has a red bean bag in his sock like BB and he could rifle it off the side of Angel’s head at first

Running Red Sox!!! Benny slaps to left and Betts hustles to third, throw allows Benny to take second and JD at the plate!!!

Sac fly for JD, mookie scores and Benny stays at second as throw goes to 3rd

J.D. sac fly 2-0 Sox.

Bogarts singles with Benny going to third.

Benny needs to read the ball better. His base running is lacking

Devers RBI on a FC


Devers! 3-0!

What a play by Bogie!

Crap. Overturned.

That was nice.

Olive oyl is pitching pretty ok.

3-0 lead and back at the plate is wonderful

I blinked and the bases are loaded with nobody out for the Sox.

4-0 on a bases loaded walk.