ALDS 10.06.18: Yankees (Tanaka) at Red Sox (Price)

Ill probably be late to this thread…gotta birthday dinner to attend

I’ll probably fall asleep long before the game is over, so you’ll have to pick up the slack when I’m :sleeping:, Thep.


I hate Aaron Judge.

I hate David Price.


I hate Gary Sanchez.

I hate David Price.

Bullpen action already?


I hate Andrew McCutchen.

I hate David Price.

Xander with a home run in the 4th. 3-1 Yankees.

The hate in this thread is palpable.

I’m home, and I brought a shit ton of mojo.

Workman out. Erod in. C’mon bullpen. 0lease don’t suck.

Fuck. Gary. Sanchez.

I hate every one jookz hates times 10

I still hate David Price.

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It might be time to bring out MikieGeo and Faith.