ALCS Game Three 10:16:18: Red Sox (Eovaldi) at Astros (Keuchel)

Worked the last time, so here’s some “E-V-O-O” mojo.

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Is that 509 EST time or 509 Desert Wasteland Time?

509 EST

That is just minutes from now!!!

I am watching the fuck out of this game.

Extra Virgin Olive Oyl

I see Cora has set the lineup to “Maximum Gamecocks”. Smart choice. Here is the Cock Mojo.

Mookie sets the tone

Ben 10 Nintendo single.


JD double.

X rbi ground out

C’mon Nooner

Ok Nate. Time to shine.


Good start… Don’t give back the runs

Go Sox!

Nunez sucks

Yeah but nooners are awesome


They are but that run is on Nunez, inning should be over.


Crap :persevere:

Ovileoyl is tossing heat. I’d keep him in a 6 man rotation. That extra day drops his ERA