ALCS Game Five 10.18.18: Red Sox (Price) at Astros (Verlander)


Price with 2 k’s

Holy poop

The asshats in the booth gave him props too. Holy poop.

Bregman error…

Even God isn’t perfect!

New drinking game. Take a shot every time the asshats say “Bregman.”

I need to get more beer

Oh boy

Bases loaded for the Sox! Too bad two outs. C’mon, Mookie!


Next time.

I stepped away and missed it. J.D homered to make it 1-0.

Have a seat Bregman.


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Who’s that guyon the mound wearing David Price’s uniform?


It is auntie Priceless

It is 1st playoff start victory Price!!!

Red Sox win!!

I totally predicted that the Sox would win in 5, including 3 straight at Houston. That Price would be dominant in the deciding game and the JBJ would get the MVP.

You can go back and look it up. It’s all on Sox Planet. #coffeeguy


What an asshole. Price probably pitched well on purpose just so the home fans wouldnt be present at the celebration.

Not sure what I like best, the confused kid or Verlander Face. :woman_shrugging:

poor kid was proud to catch a ball and has all these loud obnoxious fans yelling to throw it back. Screw That!!!