AFC Championship - Titans at Chiefs


I hope Clark gets bulldozed by Henry on a critical play.

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Let’s go Titans!!!

I’m with ya here on this one TD.

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Rooting for the Titans to win but I need the Chiefs to slow Henry down and make Tannehill throw the ball. While I loved Baltimore getting beat last week losing LameJax in my playoff challenge league backed me into a corner at QB this week. There is almost $200 on the line!!!

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I hope it’s a good game regardless. The chiefs and Texans game was awesome and then turned into a blow out lmao. Weirdest game I have ever seen.

Go Titans.

That cover of Don’t Stop Believing was awful.

I’m at work. Can someone describe the action to me?

Titans marching.

Fg. 3-0 titans.

Chefs went 3 and out.

Tannehill threw an int that will be overturned to incomplete

Titans convert on 4th and 2 from the 29.

Love they went for it on 4 and 2. Titans look good.

Big pass. 1st and goal from 3.

Easy td by Henry

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Wow. He’s a beast. Unreal.

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If the titans get up 45-0 I think they could win this.

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KC marching. Big completion to Hill.

4th and 2 from the 28. KC going for it.