A lesson on rotaries

They are very common throughout New England. In other areas, also called round-abouts, or traffic circle I guess.

But amazingly, so many drivers fail to understand their simple design. They are far more efficient than traffic lights if everyone uses them properly. If in doubt, please consult this friendly diagram.

Don’t be Car C.


put one in my town, hardly any accidents before but a few houses complained about safety leaving their street despite a secondary exit 1/3 mile up the road. Town gave in and there have been a series of accidents, typically late night idiots forgetting the round-a-bout exist driving straight into the center island - that includes a police cruiser. I have watched idiots take a left into the rotary, and drive head first into traffic. People are fucking dumb

Not sure if the issue is rotaries in particular, or yield signs in general.

I bet 80% of the drivers out there could not correctly explain the difference between a yield sign and a stop sign.


I think you are spot on here.

Oh man I thought this going to be a thread about slow roasted chickens.

What do they call them in South Carolina … Traffic Circles? I think in Colorado they are Roundabouts, but I will ask someone who was born here.