49ers , Jimmy G at Patriots.

Well this one certainly is interesting. Pick a story line. The QB you drafted and developed is now back in town trying to beat you. Hmmmm… also coming off a super bowl appearance, another injury, a bad loss, then a good win… what to expect this week?

My take on this game is this is another signature opportunity for JG. Not exactly another super bowl but there is a divided field of critics that he kinda needs to quiet down… but the problem is going against a defense on the road that kinda knows what hes all about. Hmm… could be a tough day at the office.

Meanwhile Patriots offense has a lot to prove as well. Against a highly rated defense. Should be a good game. Let’s GO PATS…!!

I think the Pats got this one and the offense will be firing a bit like they were before going 2 weeks with 1 practice with Cam.

Signed… Jimmy G… actually scrambled for first down with pats missing 2 tackles. That was first series for the defense. Then Jimmy got some good plays from the Kyle shanahan signature playbook… Wow… why can’t our oc do that? Mcditzy … back to drawing board.

Patriots are undefeated the rest of the way.

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JimmyG narrative changes week to week like a rollercoaster… Now ANOTHER injury !!! He’s out , he’s done,. So maaaz is getting his plan B take ready again. Oh shyt, he could be available…lol😁

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Yup, looking like the Niners season is toast

Dog fight between Seahawks, Rams and Cards now.