2020 NFL Draft

I know its early for this thread, but I saw this and figured we would need a thread anyway.

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I’m not sure he goes in the first round but maybe. I would love for the Pats to pick him up at some point in the draft.

Tua is like Gronk.

Everyone knows he’s good, but he’s broken.

If he falls…

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If he falls to 23 the Patriots HAVE to take Tua.

That said If there was a chance he might fall to 23 I bet Tua would have gone back to Bama

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translate: show me the money!

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Actually it’s more of a continuation…

Give God the Glory…
Give me the money!


I’m no Holy Joe, but isn’t there a line in the Bible about “render unto Caesar” or something like that?


Hmmm … Patriots need a legitimate starting TE … :thinking:

Its still early and I haven’t really done any in depth research but Moss for the most part isn’t on any TE draft ranking lists that I’ve seen. I think that until his big games against Oklahoma and Clempsin he was regarded as a guy who 99% was going to return for his senior year. One list at walterfootball actually has a different LSU TE in its 2020 rankings. Walterfootball is usually pretty good for its draft rankings and they currently don’t have Moss listed in their top 24 2020 TE or top 9 2021 TE. I do find it odd that he isn’t on the 2021 list given his strong season but it could be that that particular list hasn’t been updated in a while.


Now he has some things working for him:

  1. Name recognition
  2. Big games in the biggest spotlight
  3. I’ve read in a couple of places that he is not a diva, not afraid to get down and dirty in the trenches, and is a capable bordering on proficient run blocker
  4. Its not a particularly strong year for TE. If he has a strong combine he could move up quickly

At 6’3" he isn’t particularly tall for a TE, but maybe he has the athleticism to be Jordan Reed without all the concussions.

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Your definition of “in depth” must be way deeper than mine.

Thanks for the post. :+1:

I’m a degenerate dynasty fantasy football player. I will be reading up on the current crop of rookies a lot over the next few months.



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BTW Walterfootball now has Moss ranked as their 2nd TE in this draft behind Cole Kmet of Notre Dame.

Another name to watch is Albert Okwuegbunam out of Missouri. He had a rough senior season downgrading from Drew Lock to Kelley Bryant and then some scrub after Bryant got hurt. But he is big (6’5" 265) and fast and is a terror in the red zone.