2020 Colts Season

Well folks, last night was about as ugly as it gets… Colts definitely had some key players out but to let up 5 touchdowns in the first 6 drives, wow that is just disturbing… The second half was much better from the defense as they shut down the Titans to 3 points (till they ran back the onside kick for a touchdown) Rivers was garbage once Costanzo went down from the O line… He was pressured most of the game.

As it stands right now the Colts are 7-4, and if the season ended today they would play the Chiefs in their stadium… That is terrifying. There is still lots of football left, but it’s not an easy road ahead… The Texans have been playing very good lately, and they have them twice. The Raiders (outside of yesterday) have also been very good this year, and they have the Steelers as well. I think Colts finish 10-6, and hopefully put up a fight against the Steelers. I would much rather play the Steelers in the playoffs than the Chiefs.

That is all :slight_smile:

So sorry, Tyler (insert sad emoji because I can’t seem to get emojis to work)

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Tough game and tough road ahead indeed but 7-4 ain’t nothing to sneeze at.

That Onside kick return for a TD was crazy.

I mean the Tom Brady’s are 7-5 lol.

You have an up-and-coming team. Lotsa good stuff to look forward to.

I have spoken. :slight_smile:

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Thanks Joolz! And yes they don’t seem to work for me either haha

Edit: they seem to be working now

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Yes true my friend! I try and stay positive. We are in a playoff spot which is cool… all I can hope is they keep the playoff spot and put up a hell of a fight against the Chiefs or Steelers. This was the Colts only blow out loss this year. Well… Ravens was a loss by 14 but the defense played a hell of a game and it was pretty close throughout.

Oh one more thing. I miss Luck :frowning: lol

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Sanchez (punter for the colts) undergoing surgery tomorrow for a cancerous tumor.

Fuck cancer! Hope for a speedy recover for him.

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This has been straight up domination the first half by the Colts wow!!!

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No matter what, you guys have built a monster defense.

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The Steelers are the 2019 Patriots. Paper ass tigers that got off to a great undefeated start and crapped out.

Congrats to your Colts on a very good season.

I saw a graphic that I think said that Phillip Rivers has 420 TDs. Same as Dan Marino. Wow.

Uh, oh.

Yup saw this coming

The problem with this years colts team is they can’t put together a full game. They only played one half against Houston twice and they escaped both games because of fluke fumbles. Now they are playing a decent team and it’s biting them in the ass. If they miss playoffs this year, could definitely cost Reich his job. He just doesn’t have the team ready to go in the second half. Disgusting.

Bye bye Reich. If colts miss playoffs. Disgusting fucking effort today.

Colts struggling aga in t the jags again. Jesus…

At this rate , we won’t even make playoffs.

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I’m, watching the game. This is all kinds of crazy.

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Funny, I was just thinking how the season evolves as the year comes to a close. At the beginning of the season there was talks that Indy is a potential Super Bowl Contender and a complete team… Very little talk about the Buffalo Bills

Now fast forward to January of 2021… All the talk is about the Bills going to the Super Bowl and being the hottest team, even better than the Chiefs… Colts have zero chance lol…

I am not expecting to win this game, but damn I would love to be wrong! Can’t wait for some playoff football (even if the timing of the game on Saturday afternoon sucks ass)


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Pats ain’t in it and I have a lot of longtime Colt’s friends from an old messageboard so Go Colts.

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Ugh man brutal lose

Gutted right now.