2019 NBA Finals Thread: Raptors vs. Warriors

According to the opening line at OddsShark.com, Raptors may as well concede before the first game is played.

Can Toronto stop the Warriors from Three-Peating?

To think that if were not for LeBron and the Cavs coming back from 3-1 down in 2016, the Warriors might be going for their fifth in a row this year. That’s Bill Russell territory.

I try to like the NBA but it just doesn’t hold my interest any more. Even the Celtics games only move my needle a little bit.

Maybe when the NBA Finals Drake prop bets come out I will drop a few bucks on them to stir my interest.

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I have to say I agree that during the drudgery of the regular season, the NBA isn’t a great watch. The NHL’s season is just as long and is played between about the same number of teams. However, the outcomes are hockey games are far less predictable because of puck luck, which makes that sport more interesting by far.

Also, the fact that the Warriors have had no real rivals since they lost in 2016 makes the NBA less interesting.

Hopefully, even if the Warriors win it all again, the Raptors make them earn it.

Ya I agree the NBA is far from my favourite to watch in regular season. And a big reason I’m watching nownis because the Raptors have made it this far. I’m excited.

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Wow, two virgin teams popped their championship cherries on back-to-back nights.

What’s next … the Rays win the World Series??? :crazy_face:

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Dear god. The Rays might!!!

what an elongated ending to the game. I mean teh last 30 seconds took 15 minutes I think.

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Ridiculous how long they stretched that out.

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Yeah, but, did they sell more commercial time with that many viewers watching?

Cha-ching, and all.