2019 Dynasty Fantasy Catchall Thread

Dynasty leagues are starting to wake up, so I thought I’d start a new thread. I’m not going to go into as much depth as I did last year, unless someone wants me to. i’ll just post some tidbits like trades and waiver wire stuff in here and if anyone wants to discuss or debate or argue we can break out a separate thread.

First trade of the season:

League: DFLC

12 team 1 QB 1PPR Full IDP

I Gave: Pick 1.08
I Got: Rashaad Penny, Pick 2.05, Pick 6.05

I choose to believe that Penny isn’t a bust and the 1st round draft capital is going to get him an opportunity at some point. Moving back 9 spots in a draft where picks 5 through 25 are a jumbled mess to acquire Penny’s upside seems like a no brainer. The 6th rounder will get me a decent developmental safety or line backer hopefully.

First draft begins today at 3 PM as well. Same league as the trade above.

League: DLFC

12 team 1 QB 1PPR Full IDP


Columbia Chickens!!! Good luck, that appears to be a lot of work.

So this draft has been finished for a few days.
These were my results. I had identified some non rookies that had been cut pre draft that I thought could have value. I hadn’t intended to draft them exclusively but they kept falling to me while everyone else dealt with Rookie Fever.

1.08. Traded for Rashaad Penny, 2.05 and 6.05 (was down to picking Deebo or Marquise Brown)

2.05 Samuel, Deebo SFO WR (Yay!)

2.08 Murray, Kyler ARI QB (QBs are Brees and Rivers, figured I better have a younger option just in case, and Kyler could be a FF superstar. I’m not 100% sold on him, but at Pick 20 he is worth the gamble.)

3.08 Hill, Justice BAL RB (needed RBs and seemed a good value)

4.08 Davenport, Marcus NOS DE (Top DL were Suh and Ogbah…I was pretty surprised when he was dropped pre draft. Someone else’s impatience will be my fantastic value)

With 5.02 OTC I traded my 2020 4th for 5.02 and 5.03

5.02 Ngakoue, Yannick JAC DE (Another good young DE…only 25 with 30 career sacks …with Josh Allen on tbe other side now Ngakoue could be a monster)

5.03 Peppers, Jabrill NYG S (Top S were LCollins and Marcus Maye…Peppers will be able to play more of a traditional SS role in NY)

6.05 Hicks, Akiem CHI DE (Lower on IDP gurus list but #10 DE on DLFs list…sneaky good with some guy named Khalil getting attention on the other side)

6.08 Jefferson, Tony BAL S (Top 15ish on DFLs list. Read in a couple of places he spent the last two years playing off the line further to cover Eric Weddles coverage liabilities, and that Earl Thomas wont need that babysitting, leaving Jefferson in the box more, just like he used to.)

At some point in tbe draft I traded Greg Olsen for 6.11. I have Njoku, Gesicki and Graham and no confidence Olsen will ever be worth anything again. I was actually surprised someone wanted him

6.11 Brown, Jayon TEN LB (Young ILB…may have to share some snaps with Rashaan Evans this year, but Wesley Woodyard isn’t immortal. Has anyone actually seen Woodyard since “you know who” offed the Night King? Its possible I drafted him just use that line)

7.08 Harrison, Ronnie JAC S (Young SS on a good defense… seems very underrated to me)

With 8.08 ITC, Traded Kyle Fuller for 8.08

8.08 Tavai, Jahlani DET LB (Guarenteed DROY. IDP guru said so.)


16 team 1 QB 1 PPR Full IDP

My draft
1.07 7 Montgomery, David CHI RB
Pretty shocked he fell to me here. Not 100% convinced of his talent but can’t pass him up here

1.10 10 Hockenson, T.J. DET TE
With 1.10 on the clock I traded 2.07 and 3.07 for 1.10. Setting a lineup last season with only 1 option at TE(Vance McDonald) sucked. Probably overpaid to move back into the first but I was pretty sure none of the top 3 TE would get back to me at 2.07. I was right. If he is the next Gronk this is a genius move. If he is the next Enron then I’m an idiot.

4.07 55 Winovich, Chase NEP DE
Holy crap that was a long wait. My DE are abysmal, Hock better pay off to have missed out on the top 6 DE. I see Winovich compared to Rob Ninkovich a lot. Ill take Nink 2.0 at pick 55. Not an elite athlete but crazy high motor and hyper productive in college.

4.11 59. Tavai, Jahlani DET LB
A person I believe in says Tavai is this years Fred Warner. A future 4th and a 6th is a small price if he is right. Lions picked him earlier than many expected and draft capital matters.

5.07 71. Gary, Rashan GBP DE
The anti Winovich. Freakish athletic talent and first round draft capital, disappointing production in college. Hype both positive and negative reminds me of Clowneys senior year. Boom or bust.

5.10 74. Allen, Zach ARI DE
Continuing to add to my pile of DE dart throws. Like Winovich high motor but not an elite athlete. Not a clear path to immediate playing time, but at this juncture of the draft everyone has warts.

6.07 87. Williams, James KCC RB
Pro Football Focus gave him some of the highest receiving RB scores they’ve ever given out.Maybe KCs version of James White? Either way Damian Williams is a JAG, and getting parts of elite offenses is a tried and true FF strategy.

I’ve been terrible about maintaining some activity in this catagory, which is inexcusable since I’m the one who asked for it.

I was bored yesterday so I compiled a list of every draft pick I made this summer across all my Dynasty leagues. I don’t think the information is useful in any way other than to show how much of a fantady football degenerate I am and that I like me some TJ Hockenson.

NKeal Harry 1.02
David Montgomery 1.03
Miles Sanders 1.06
Noah Fant 1.07
David Montgomery 1.08
TJ Hockenson 1.09
Paris Campbell 1.09
Noah Fant 1.09
TJ Hockenson 1.10
TJ Hockenson 1.11
TJ Hockenson 1.11
Kyler Murray1.12
Deebo Samuel 1.12
TJ Hockenson 2.02
Deebo Samuel 2.03
Deebo Samuel 2.05
Noah Fant 2.06
Devin Singletary 2.07
Kyler Murray 2.08
JJ Arcegia Whiteside 2.09
Andy Isabella 2.09
JJ Arcegia Whiteside 2.11
Marquise Brown 2.11
Marquise Brown 2.12
Devin Singletary 2.12
Darwin Thompson 2.14
Devin Singletary 3.02
Devin Bush 3.02
Devin Singletary 3.03
Miles Boykin 3.03
Terry McLaurin 3.06
Jonathan Abram 3.06
Jace Sternberger 3.07
Justice Hill 3.08
Miles Boykin 3.09
Benny Snell 3.09
Jared Stidham 3.11
Darwin Thompson 3.11
Jalen Hurd 3.11
Miles Boykin 3.12
Terry McLaurin 3.14
Jonathan Abrams 4.02
Kelvin Harmon 4.03
Dawson Knox 4.03
Bryce Love 4.06
Kelvin Harmon 4.06
Myles Gaskin 4.07
Trayveon Williams 4.07
Chase Winovich 4.07
Marcus Davenport 4.08
Dexter Williams 4.09
Ryquell Armstead 4.09
Darius Slayton 4.11
Jahlani Tavai 4.11
Chase Winovich 4.11
Miles Boykin 4.12
Trayveon Williams 5.01
Derek Barnett 5.02
Yannick Ngakoue 5.02
Ronnie Harrison 5.03
Jabrill Peppers 5.03
Jaquiski Tartt 5.06
James Williams 5.07
Rashaan Gary 5.07
Jared Stidham 5.07
James WIlliams 5.09
Kelvin Harmon 5.10
Zach Allen 5.10
Derek Barnett 5.11
KeeSean Johnson 5.11
Marquise Blair 5.11
Zach Allen 5.11
Clelin Farrell 5.12
Rodney Anderson 6.02
Josey Jewell 6.02
Jahlani Tavai 6.04
Akiem Hicks 6.06
Darius Slayton 6.06
Jalen Hurd 6.07
CJ Uzomah 6.07
Justin Watson 6.07
James Williams 6.07
LJ Collier 6.07
Tony Jefferson 6.08
Jayon Brown 6.11
Kelvin Harmon 7.01
Chris Board 7.03
Byron Pringle 7.04
Jahlani Tavai 7.05
Emanuel Hall 7.05
Karan Higdon 7.06
Chase Winovich 7.06
Ronnie Harrison 7.08
Demarcus Robinson 8.03
Jahlani Tavai 8.08