15 ex-Patriots among initial nominees for 2020 Pro Football Hall of Fame class

RB Corey Dillon

FB Larry Centers

RB Fred Taylor

WR Chad Johnson

WR Henry Ellard

WR Torry Holt*

WR Reggie Wayne*

TE Ben Coates

OG Brian Waters

DT Richard Seymour

LB Tedy Bruschi

LB Willie McGinest

DB Rodney Harrison

DB John Lynch*

P Jeff Feagles

Of the ones without asterisks, who makes the first cut? Dillon, Ocho, Coates, Bruschi, and Rodney?

I’m thinking Rodney or Coates.

To make the first cut, or to make it all the way?

Oh, Sorry I missed the first cut part. Yeah, I meant all the way. BigSey93 has a good shot as well.

Rodney and Sey deserve to be picked but I do not think they get in yet. Rodneys being on TV helps to ease the hate that was out there for him but he is still that thorn in the side prick to many.

and Sey is in the no stats can explain what he meant to the team category, and writers hate the Patriots story so why would they add to it by enshrining Patriots.