WTH is going on here?

Best catcher we’ve had since Tek. Jesus.



Looks like the team is blowing up. Nobody wants to stay. We suck. Might as well go to Tampa. They have the second best record in all of baseball. Go to a competitor. We have a lot of work to do unfortunately:(

Sad thing is, offensively we are still a top 10 or better team. If we had even average pitching we would be really good.

Isn’t the new GM from Tampa Bay so he knows that minor league well and can pick some players to build with.

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Ah, I had completely forgotten about him. Excellent call. I remember learning as much as I could about him when he came on board now.

Things make much more sense now. Thanks Mikie.


That’s ok…: we will rebound from this. Maybe I’ll try out lmao.