Would you guys like to see a new QB next season?

I know the answer is probably no but still curious. I have a couple friends who are pats fans and massive Brady fans, yet they say they kind of want Brady to go out on top and would be exciting to see a new QB develop and see what he can do. I know when Peyton was injured in 2011 I was sad and yet excited all the same time when we drafted Luck.

So if it were up to you all, would you let Brady play another 5 or 6 years if he wanted? Or would you like to see (I don’t even know who the backup is) play? If history repeats itself the pats do just fine it seems when a new QB steps up. Brady hasn’t exactly been Brady prime this season either. Not saying he’s bad because he isn’t. He’s been good, but with how good this team is playing I feel it would be a good time to develop the future.

Anywho. Fruit for thought :slight_smile:

Brady doesn’t suck. And doesn’t look like he is on the verge of sucking.

If he doesn’t retire, I want the Pats to keep him.


^^^This. I completely agree with the Prince.


I figure that when Brady does hit the so-called Cliff, it will be in the middle of a season like it happened to Peyton. And Peyton was able to ride his team’s defense to one more Super Bowl win by not trying to sling it around like Peyton of 5+ years prior.

I figure Brady has at least as much wisdom as Peyton, and that his team’s defense over the next couple of years will be in the same league as the one Peyton had during his last season.

So no … barring injury, Brady makes it to 45.


I kind of think Brady will keep playing till he gets hurt. Kind of like Favre and how he got touched up against the Saints game. Yes he tried to come back the next season but it didn’t work out and he retired shortly after. I just don’t see Tom ever hitting a decline like Peyton. In the reason simply because Tom has a canon of an arm. Peyton even in his prime never had the strongest arm. So when he had neck problems and hit his delicine he went down fast. He seriously had trouble hitting 10 yards with his passes. Unless Brady really hurts himself I think that guy will be able to throw 60 plus till he’s 100 lol.

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The funny thing is that Brady has never been talked up for having rocket laser arm. Peyton was. Heck he had commercials about it. :slight_smile:

Tom is accurate more than a bombs away thrower.

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I think Brady’s arm has always been underrated because the Patriots don’t throw a ton of deep balls. But you don’t throw into the small NFL windows for as long as or as accurately as Brady has if you don’t have a strong arm.


give me Tom or give me… no really I think we are blessed and will keep Tom until he retires, Kraft can’t quit him, and for good reason - Brady is the GOAT.


Really??? I honestly didn’t know that. They say Rodgers has a canon of an arm but I swear I have seen Brady throw just as deep. I guess it’s been a while since I remember Peyton going deep but I can’t honestly recall him throwing a hail merry from mid field. I’m sure he has but I just don’t recall.

I have a sneaking suspicion that, barring an absolute decline into suckitude, Tom Brady is trying to wrap up his legacy by accomplishing the following, in order of lowest to highest, over this season and the next:

  1. Appear in both AFCCGs, to make a nice round 10 in a row
  2. Win both AFCCGs, so he can tie Gale Gilbert’s record of 5 straight SB appearances (Gilbert was on the losing team for all five of his SB appearances)
  3. Win both Super Bowls, so he can be the only starting QB to three-peat

Oh yeah, if he accomplishes all three, he finishes his career with 8 rings, which is (a) as many as Montana and Bradshaw put together, and (b) more than Robert Horry.


Ya I could see that actually!