World Series Game Three 10.26.18: Red Sox (Porcello) at Dodgers (Buehler)

Can’t forget this.

We need a little of this.

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I miss Fenway.

Edwardo do your job.

Evoldi deserves better fate. Like throwing Wake in 03.

Who pitches tonight? Sales?

Power outage and standby generator woke me during the night so I had the opportunity to watch a chunk of the game. Of course, when I woke I couldn’t believe they were still playing.

So many questions and missed opportunities. Why didn’t Cora walk Puig? Kinsler? Ugh. That throw to 1st? It appeared he had time to plant and make and get him out. No? Did Kinsler make a base running blunder earlier? I feel bad for Eovaldi.

Not sure who pitches tonight. Edwardo?

It’s Rodriguez starting tonight.

Against TBA

Looks like Rich Hill. Hope he sucks.