Who do you want to face Tuesday?

  • Dodgers and Machado
  • Brew crew
  • It doesn’t matter - to quote the rock

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Ruby Rose

I only picked the Brew Crew because I can’t stand Machado and don’t want to watch him. I know little about both teams.

Oh hush…keep it down now…voices carry.

Other than Machado, I can’t think of a single player on either team I don’t like.

Plus, it would be cool to see Dave Roberts and they would show him stealing 2nd like a billion times.

Dodgers get my vote.

Ruby is the most dangerous person on teh internet.

punk puig is a dodger, Hill(local cat) and Kershaw pitch

the racist 16 year old is a brew relief pitcher, plus Travis Shaw and Wade Miley

other than that few names like Kemp & Utley (unless they retired recently

Puig doesn’t really bother me. Machado is a first rate douchebag. I’d love to see him try that kick-the-first-baseman shit on the Sox so he could get his ass kicked.

I want to play the Orioles.

I forgot about him. He’s a punk like Machado.

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