What movie do you regret ever watching because it was so disturbing?

Plenty of movies have some things that were disturbing to me, but I don’t think I ever regretted watching one because of its disturbing contact. Usually it is more because it was a bad movie and a waste of time.

Any that you regret seeing because of the disturbing content?

For me, its gotta be that home movie you sent me a couple of years back…

No but fo real tho, i was pretty traumatized by watching the original Friday the 13th when i was like 10 years old. Now i avoid anything with a tone above “suspenseful”.


i have say it when i watched faces of death tripping on acid.

I very much regretted watching The Room.

Oh…hai Mark!

“The Wiz”

At the theater. I was 10…far too young to be exposed to the horrors of disco.

Nah man no one should ever regret watching that one. It’s a masterpiece!

The second Total Recall… what an absolute piece of garbage. Might be the worst movie I’ve ever seen. I was longing for Arnold to be repeating " Get your ass to Mars…Get your ass to Mars"

In some ways, I regret watching this one, mainly because it is hard to scrub the image of a leather-clad, very hairy Sean Connery from your eyes, but this flick is so bizarre, I am not sure how it ever got made, why it got made, and why Sean Connery agreed to do it.

When I was a kid my dad watched some movie the title if which I do not remember in which a old. 1930s era plane like a crop duster crashes and the pilot is trapped and fire is starting to burn him and the pilot is begging for help and there is a crowd just all stsnding around watching him suffer and the main character I think grabs an axe handle and bludgeons him unconscious so he won’t die in agony. That very much disturbed me. Even now if i watch a scene where someone is begging against imminent death it makes me cringe a little.

The Faces of Death series absolutely and Pieces. Chuckie as well.

‘The Faces of Death’ Wow! That’s a blast from the past. I specifically remember the eating monkey brain while still alive scene.

I certainly don’t regret seeing it, but one of my favorite horror movies is ‘Halloween’ (1978). On a 300K budget, scary done right.

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I am pretty sure I saw a trailer recently about bringing the original back in an authentic sequel, complete with Jamie Lee Curtis.

I’m going to start a thread titled What thread do you regret posting in because it was too disturbing.

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We went to see The Purge on Wed and saw the trailer for it.