Week 8 Other Games

Watching Doncos-Dolts game.

Colts Defense keeps giving Flacco and Company Mulligan after Mulligan. :man_facepalming:


Yup hard to watch. Penalties are killing them. I’m at wal mart now. Getting egg nog

For your rum? :slight_smile:

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Adam good from 55!

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I was ready to sent Vinatieri to the Social Security line, and then he hit that 55-yarder. :face_with_monocle:


He’s inconsistent this year. Then again colts offence is inconsistent today as a whole.

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Colts O-Line: Five White Guys protecting a Black Quarterback.

Things have changed in the NFL since I was a kid.

AV split the uprights with that 45-yarder. Yeah, his first FG try was an abortion, but it looks like he has recovered his mojo.


Bills coming back. 17-13 Iggles in the middle of the third. I guess Buffalo missed the PAT?

CBS Ticker just said Danny Amendola has 8 catches for 95 yards already. His Lions are beating Los Gigantes 24-19 with about 5 minutes to go in the third.

Well 1 point game

AV misses again lmao wow

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I spoke too soon and jinxed him. :innocent:

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Jeez, Ya-Sin … if you tackle the WR, while a catchable ball is in the air, without even pretending to look back for it … you’re going to get flagged for PI.

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Lol yes yes you did. Thanks

Rough game.

Lmao these refs are a joke. Clear hold on Hiltons arm and nothing.

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Stop the presses. Coach Reich’s challenge that it was PI is upheld by the ref.

Dan Fouts doesn’t have to eat the challenge flag. Imagine if it were BB’s flag? He keeps it inside his sweaty sock, for extra flavor. :face_vomiting:

Pathetic showing from the colts offence today. I know Denver has a decent defense but Jacoby has simply been off on a lot of throws and receivers can’t get open. Frustrating.

Omg jacoby what a play