Week 3 General NFL Game Thread

I’m just Red Zoning it right now…

Got a big jar of cashews and a fridge full of Rockstars. Lets get it on!!!

I thought about watching Jimmy g today, but watching bad movies instead.

Jordy Nelson: Not dead yet

Grrrr streams not doing so well so far

Paul Richardson early TD

Holy shit Bills 7 Vikings 0

Wentz to Goeddert TD

Niners down by 7

Holy shit Jordy Nelson is obliterating the Dolphins

2 drives 139 yards and a TD

Saquon is not human

LOL Bills 17 Viikes 0

The Chiefs offense looks Damn scary.

Does he look like a franchise qb? I haven’t seen him play for the 49ers.

Garrapolo? Hard to tell. The Niners are not very good as a team I don’t think. Mahomes is dismantling them.

Lol Josh Allen just hurdles a defender

Lol Josh Allen is ripping up the Vikes

JimmyG TD pass

Bills 24 Vikes 0.

Minn has 22 total yards

Mahomes. Wow.

Chiefs 28 Niners 7