Week 15 Other Games

We shall see what he can do with a broken spoke. If it’s bad enough he’ll have to be a pocket passer. Should be very interesting tomorrow night.


You would think they would rest him. I mean, come on … it’s the Jets.

GO Jets!!!

I just tossed cookies

Yup. And the jets will clue in quick if he isn’t able to run. See what this does to him if he is limited to staying in the pocket.

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For the record, here is a quick story about Dak Prescott’s botched coin flip call.


Lmao. Oh Dak

Its Defergate. I demand to see what is on Dak Prescotts phone!!!

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It’s intuitively obvious to the most casual observer that Belichick and Company hacked Dak’s headphones and gave him bad instructions.

How many draft picks will this cost the Patriots?

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Goff and Prescott were both drafted in the same round … umm … year.

Forced to choose between just those two, which would you want going forward?

Goff was the first overall pick. Prescott was drafted in the 4th round

I’d take Prescott though

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I stand corrected.

Urban Meyer was at the Redskins game today

Garret will keep his job as usual lmao

Niners-Falcons game ended with not one, but two close calls that were reversed by review … one in favor of each team.

The second call won the game for Atlanta.

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Falcons won lmao.

Beefalo beat the Squealers to clinch a playoff berth.

Next Saturday’s game is probably for the AFC East Title.

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According to this the Bills would have to win both remaining games (@NE, vs Jets)and the Patriots woukd have to lose both remaining games (vs Bills, vs Dolphins) for the Bills to win the East. Not impossible, losing to the Bills wouldn’t completely doom the Patriots.

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This is a 4 o’clock game correct?

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yes a 4:30 game!